Customers Dealing With a Gas Leak? Signs You Need Gas Leak Detection Services

If your customers have called you to investigate gas line problems, and you suspect a gas leak, you'll need to call a gas leak detection service. This is especially important if you can't pinpoint the leak right away. As a plumber, you're responsible for the installation, and repair, of gas lines. This includes repairing gas line leaks. However, to identify the source of the leaks, you might need to make arrangements for assistance. Here are four sure signs that you need a gas leak detection service. 

Your Customers Noticed a Hissing Sound

If your plumbing customers have noticed a hissing sound in their house, chances are good that there's a gas leak. Gas leaks can create a distinctive hissing noise when escaping from the pipes. Unfortunately, gas leaks aren't easy to detect, especially when the only sign is the tell-tale sound of hissing. That's where a gas leak detection service comes into the picture. A gas line detection service will follow the sound of the hiss to identify the gas leak. 

Your Customers Plants Are Dying

If you've been called to a house for gas line issues, and you notice that your customers' plants are dying, there may be a hidden leak. This is especially true if you notice that the leaves are wilting, or that the colours are changing to brown or yellow. Gas leaks can adversely affect your plants, especially when they're exposed to a leak inside the house. To identify the source of the gas leak, you should arrange for a gas leak detection service. They'll identify the source of the leak so that you can repair the damage as soon as possible. 

Your Customers Smell Gas

If your customers are smelling the odour of natural gas in their home, you need to identify the source as soon as possible. Natural gas has an odorant added to help identify potential leaks. However, the odourant won't immediately identify where the leak is located, which is why you need to utilise the services of a gas leak detection service. One of the benefits of using a gas leak detection service for your clients is that they can locate the source of the leaks so that gas service can be restored quickly, and safely. 

Your Customers Are Sick

Finally, if you've been called out for a gas line problem, and you find out that your customers have been dealing with unexplained headaches, don't wait to bring in a gas leak detection service. Exposure to natural gas can result in headaches and flu-like symptoms. Continued exposure to the gas can pose a serious health risk for your clients. Safeguard your customer's health. Bring in a professional gas leak detection service immediately.

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