3 Critical Plumbing Issues that Must Be Addressed by an Experienced Emergency Plumber

With proper maintenance and care, your plumbing system will last longer.  However, you might still experience an emergency plumbing problem regardless of the efforts you put in place to keep your plumbing system in top shape. If you face a plumbing issue that you've never experienced previously, it might be hard to know whether it's an emergency. And, you might have a hard time containing the overflow of water or awful smell if the problem occurs outside the normal working hours. Luckily, you can hire an emergency plumber to rectify the issue immediately. The following are plumbing issues that you should leave to an emergency plumber:

Your Water Pipes Have Rampant Leakages

Leaking pipes can cause havoc inside your house within a few hours. Besides, they can lead to a bloated water bill if you don't take immediate action when you notice the leakages. Depending on the water pressure, leaking water can spread to different rooms of your house, damaging valuable items or causing electrical faults if it touches live electric wires.

So, if your water pipes have leaks in different parts, turn off your water from the main supply. Then, call in a professional emergency plumber to repair or replace the leaking pipes.

Your Plumbing System has Clogs in Different Areas

If one part of your plumbing system is clogged, you might manage to clear the clog without difficulties. But, if there are multiple clogs in different parts of your plumbing system, that is a problem that only an experienced emergency plumber can handle.

If you don't hire a professional to clear the clogged pipes immediately, sewage could start flowing in the opposite direction, or the pipes could start leaking, which may be dangerous to your health and property. Besides, the clogs can damage the entire plumbing system, and you'll spend a fortune to replace it. You should hire an emergency plumber to clear your clogged plumbing system to prevent the issue from escalating.

Your House Has a Gas Smell

Gas leaks are dangerous. If there is a gas leak in your house, inhaling it will cause health complications. Besides, it might cause a fire that might damage your possessions, cause injuries or burn down your entire home.

You should not ignore a gas leaking smell in or around your house. When you smell leaking gas in your house, evacuate every family member and pets immediately. Then, call in a professional emergency plumber to determine the genesis of the leaking gas and repair the leaking areas.

If you encounter any of the problems above outside the normal working hours, call in an emergency plumber before the problems worsen. That will prevent further damage that might be expensive to rectify.

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