Possible Causes of Your Blocked Drains

Are you continually hearing gurgling noises from your sink? Or perhaps the drainage in your bathtub has become extremely slow? Alternatively, are you smelling a pervasive odour in your home and can't seem to find the source? The likelihood is you have developed one or multiple blocked drains in your household. What you should note about blocked drains is that they do not resolve on their own. So while you may get used to the pungent odours in your home, your sinks and tub will not automatically start to drain as usual. Thus, it is always judicious to hire plumbers for professional drain cleaning services. But how do you steer clear from this happening? Read on to know about the possible causes of your blocked drains so that you can avoid this problem in the future.

Foreign matter building up in the drains

An assortment of foreign matter that will make its way into your drains. Your household may know not to throw objects and wet wipes down the toilet, but this does not mean that your drains will not be exposed to other items. From clumps of hair to greasy biofilm from taking a shower, there is a high chance of your drains being clogged if they are not cleaned on a routine basis. Furthermore, as debris begins to lodge itself in the drains, it can catch other foreign items that make their way down the drain, causing the blockage to grow. Thus, it is highly advisable to call on your plumber to clean your drains before a problem crops up.

Organic matter during storm season

The rainy season can also pose a threat to the health of your plumbing. When your area experiences torrential rain, there is a high chance of flash floods. These flash floods carry a vast range of items with them including leaves, twigs and even branches. If you have not had proper drain cleaning or sought these services after storm season, it is quite likely that they will cause blockages once the stormwater passes through the drainage system. Blocked stormwater pipes do not just lead to pungent smells in your home, but they could also cause flooding on your property.

Damaged or broken pipes

There are several reasons why your plumbing hardware could be in bad condition. From poorly installed pipes to ageing, malfunctioning pipes could quickly case blockages that will lead to blocked drains. For instance, if the inner lining of pipes is eroding, the sediment could eventually clog the hardware. Alternatively, root intrusion will not just damage the hardware but also cause a clog that will soon manifest in your indoor plumbing. 

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