Why Gas Heating Should Be at the Top of Your Mind When You Upgrade Your Home System

If you're looking to upgrade your hot water system at home, you've likely got one eye on the budget and one eye on reliability. You're thinking about just how many times per day your family uses the system and want to make sure that you upgrade to a solution that is going to work across the board. What do you need to consider, and what options are available as you plan?

What You Need to Consider

You may not be happy with the hot water system that you have right now because it's not able to keep up with demand. Each member of the family has to have a hot shower each morning, which takes some planning. Some of your family members might work in dirty or sweaty occupations, so you need to make sure that their soiled clothes are washed properly. When all is said and done, you've got to try and keep costs in check, as well.

Going with Gas

Maybe it's time for you to choose natural gas systems instead, as they are usually less costly to run than electrical options. When you choose natural gas that is delivered as part of the utility service, you have three different choices to make.

Continuous Flow Unit

Firstly, you can install a continuous flow system that can be fairly easily mounted onto a wall. You will always have hot water on tap, and there is no danger of running out. You can also control the output very precisely, so the water will always be at the right temperature. This type of unit may require you to upgrade the gas line which supplies the home, however, which you might have to add on as an initial cost.

Solar-Boosted Unit

You might also want to consider units that are boosted by solar power. These options could be even cheaper as they do of course get a lot of their energy from the sun, and the government may offer you an incentive to install one. These units have a backup system, which can boost output if needed so that you don't run out of hot water.

Remember that these are hybrid systems and can be a little more costly to install. Also, the tank does need some extra space and you will need a roof that faces towards the midday sun for best effect.

Storage Unit

A gas storage unit can deliver hot water more effectively due to the way that it is configured. The tank is quite large and can be a bit vulnerable to heat loss. However, the installation costs are typically the lowest with this unit.

Choosing Your Option

In order to make sure that you keep your family happy, run your home efficiently and meet your particular budget, get in touch with a professional plumber today, to see what system would be best for you.

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