Why you should get a professional to unblock your drains

A blocked drain is one of those annoyances that you might feel you can deal with yourself, and in fact, you probably won't do any harm if you have a go with a plunger or drain snake. However, there are sound reasons why you should consider getting a plumber to unblock your drain.

Find the right cause

Blocked drains can have simple causes, such as a buildup of grease, mineral deposits and vegetation growth. As well as having years of experience, your drain unblocking service will have access to CCTV to find out exactly what the problem is (they will also let you take a look yourself!). This could be some distance from the drain itself--further than your drain snake can reach. Finding the exact cause of the blockage is the first step in knowing exactly how to attack it.

Using CCTV will also be valuable if it is necessary for the plumber to dig up any of the pipe. As they will know exactly which section of the pipe to excavate, it will be much quicker--and cheaper--than exploratory digging.

More techniques

You may be tempted just to throw some chemical drain cleaner down and hope for the best. In fact, this method could cause the pipes to corrode, causing further problems down the line. It will also be of no use if the blockage is due to a tree root or something equally large and solid. A professional will have access to methods such as water jetting, which can very quickly move a blockage on without causing any damage to the pipe itself. They will also be able to dig up and replace any rotting or corroded sections of pipe.

Peace of mind

A plumber will have the necessary training and experience to unblock the drain properly, as well having the necessary licences and insurance. If you cause any damage to your property by trying to fix the drains yourself, you may invalidate your insurance and land yourself with a hefty repair bill. A professional is unlikely to make a mistake in the first place and will leave everything in a state of good repair.

You don't have to live with a blocked drain that is proving resistant to DIY methods of unblocking. Just call a professional plumber or drain cleaning service, and your pipes will soon be running free again.

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