Is a drain inspection camera worth the investment?

If you were to go to the hospital and complain of chest pains, your doctor may recommend an X-ray to see what's causing the discomfort. Drain inspection cameras work in a similar way. Though much different from X-ray or MRI machines, drain inspection cameras allow you to "see" your drains and identify many different plumbing complications. This is usually a better approach than digging up pipes and damaging your walls and floors.

In fact, drain inspection cameras are so useful that you should consider purchasing one for domestic use. These cameras give you an immediate diagnosis of what the problem might be, so you can call your plumbing service in a timely manner. If you're still on the fence regarding drain inspection cameras, here's why you should make the investment.

Identify objects that are blocking your drains

Many drain inspection cameras consist of thin tubes with a camera attached on one end. The tube looks almost like an auger but is made from a special material that can transmit image signals back to a fixed monitor. In this way, you can easily identify what's causing your kitchen drains to overflow or what's causing your toilet to flush slowly.

If you notice that it's only one item causing the problem, you may be able to remove it using an auger or plunger. However, excessively blocked drains should only be removed by a licenced plumber.

Pinpoint the position of leaks

If you have a leaking pipe in your home, it may take weeks before you finally realise it. Many leaks occur silently and end up skyrocketing your utility bills or damaging other plumbing infrastructure. Therefore, identifying a leaking pipe in time is one of the best ways to save on costly repairs. A drain inspection camera can help you pinpoint the position of a leak, or at least find out the general area that's been affected. With this information, you can easily call a plumber to repair the damaged pipe in a short amount of time.

Inspect the drains in your new home/apartment

Many new buyers of homes and apartments typically don't have enough information about the state of their plumbing system. A drain inspection camera allows you to conduct a preliminary inspection and identify any glaring issues. For example, you may find out that some drains are blocked or some pipes are leaking. This will allow you to have repairs done before you finalise the purchase of your new home.

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