Buying Bathroom Faucets for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to determining how bathrooms in your commercial premises will function, things can get quite complicated. Most property owners tend to give priority to appearance and style when they need to install bathroom faucets in their offices, shops and malls.

And while an aesthetically appealing look is certainly important, you want to make sure that durability, convenience and ease of use are also considered.

Key considerations

Most commercial plumbing services will inform you that installing functional and durable faucets in the restrooms is of utmost importance. This is because a broken faucet or a sink that doesn't work in an office or other public space can reflect negatively on your company.

Customers may view your premises as poorly maintained due to a single operational failure. Therefore, you can't afford to compromise on quality and functionality.

Here are important tips to consider when selecting bathroom faucets for your commercial premises.


You should expect that your faucets will undergo a pretty heavy beating on a daily basis. Depending on how much traffic you have on your premises, the faucets will be opened and closed many times a day. That is why commercial plumbing services will recommend durable and high-quality faucets.

The faucets should have a high-quality valve, ability to withstand varying water temperatures and a solid outward design that will not easily break. Metal faucets with a noticeable mass and good fit into the sink are a great choice.

You will also need a high-quality valve (with flow rate restrictions) in the faucets. These will minimize the risk of the faucet surfaces getting too hot or gushing out too much water at once. Work with commercial plumbing to make sure your faucets are both safe and durable.

The type of faucet

There are 3 main styles of faucet designs that are used in the bathroom.

Widespread faucets:

These have the spout and the hot/cold water valves all loaded separately onto the countertop. Each valve has its own base and fits on its own part of the sink. The advantage of a widespread style is that a failure in one of the faucets doesn't necessarily affect the other.

Two-handle centre-set faucet:

This faucet design has both the spout and the hot/cold water valves installed on the same base. This allows for more options in the styling and finishing of the faucets throughout the building.

Single-handle centre-set faucet:

This design incorporates a single handle that controls both the hot and cold water supply. It is more convenient to install and maintain, especially in large commercial premises.

Before you finalize on your bathroom faucet selection, make sure you consult with a plumber to determine feasibility and the most convenient/cost-effective installation methods.

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