3 Signs That it's Time to Call the Plumber

What is the first thing that jumps into your mind when faced with a plumbing complication? For some, it's the Armageddon. Others who are handier will try to confront the situation. Despite being handy or not, there comes a time when you just have to call in the professionals. These are some of the divulging signs that you need to call a plumber

Low Water Pressure

The moment you run into low or inconsistent water pressure in your household should be a good time to call the plumber. Regardless whether the issue is only affecting a single faucet or it is widespread in the entire house. While you may be inclined to imagine that it is not a critical issue, a plumber would differ. Inconsistent water pressure can be caused by pipe obstructions, inferior pipe design or it could even be a city supply issue. A plumber can quickly diagnose the source of the problem and also provide the suitable solution. 

Blocked Drain

Only on rare occasions do drain clogs occur overnight. When you come across a clog in your household, whether it's the toilet, kitchen or bathroom, you should call in a plumber. Why is this? Before a clog can occur, there are several warning signs. For instance, water starts draining slowly. Therefore a completely blocked drain is a full-blown complication that should get the attention of a plumber. 

Some of the most notorious causes of blocked drains include tree roots, non-flushable items or sediment build-up.  Before you can identify and correct the problem, it may have caused more damage.

Burst Pipes

The most common occurrence of burst pipes happens during winter. This occurs when water freezes in the pipes. This leads to an increase in volume which provokes the pipes to break. Burst pipes can cause considerable flooding which can cost you thousands in water damage. Additionally, it takes a trained eye to locate a cracked pipe. It could occur behind the walls, below the foundation, or in the yard.

Some of the red flags of a broken pipe include water stains or mould growth. Notify your plumber the moment you suspect a burst pipe so that the situation can be controlled before significant damage occurs. 

Any plumbing complication that is not addressed immediately translates to financial injury. You could end up spending a lot on repairs. The best way to prevent major trouble is by having regular inspections by a plumber.

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