You Can Unblock Drains With What? The Truth Behind Two Common Drain Unblocking Myths

It is fairly common to turn to the internet for advice when things go wrong in the home; after all, not everyone can afford to call a professional repair person when things go wrong. As a first-time new homeowner, internet advice regarding blocked drains is particularly appealing when water is backing up. However, how much of the internet advice is a myth, and how much of it is true? Here are two common drain unblocking myths that you should know more about before you try them.

Coca-Cola And Mentos

Many children have seen the science experiment where the combination of Coca-Cola and a Mentos sweet cause a mini eruption to occur. When searching the internet for ways to unblock a drain or toilet, this same chemical reaction is recommended because the energy build up creates a pressure that can force blockages to dislodge.

The problem, however, with this method of unblocking a drain is that the energy force can also do damage to your pipes if they are old and in a weakened state. While the Coca-Cola and Mentos trick works, this myth could leave you with a bigger repair bill than you'll be happy with. Therefore, it is advisable not to try it.

Hot Water

While boiling hot water may not seem an effective way to unblock a drain, it does work for several reasons:

  1. Hot water melts away grease and fat build ups that trap other foreign debris to form a blockage. Once the fatty component is melted, the rest of the debris is flushed into the drain.
  2. Pouring hot water into a drain or toilet from a height of one metre gives the water a higher energy force than if you pour it directly above the drain. The combination of the dissolving properties of hot water and the extra energy received from pouring at a height gives the water strong blockage dissolving powers.

While you may not expect hot water to dislodge your drain block, it is worth trying as it costs you nothing more than the time spent to boil the water.

At the end of the day, it is important that drains are unblocked carefully and professionally to avoid damage being done to the pipes. After trying simple unblocking tips found on the internet, it is worthwhile investing in a professional plumber to help to get your drains running smoothly again. It will be the cheapest option in the long run.

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