When to Call a Roof Plumber to Your Home

When you hear the word plumber, you might only think of the water pipes inside your home. However, a roof plumber is one who specializes in all the parts of a roof that direct and control rainwater, protecting the home from potential water damage. Note when you might need to call a roof plumber to your home, for installation work or needed repairs.

You want to install rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks can mean having a free supply of water you can use for watering the lawn or garden, or for if there is a brushfire on your property. You can also use rainwater for watering cattle and livestock, and for washing a car, the home, and even your family pets! However, simply putting a tank on your property and waiting for the rain might not be sufficient; it's good to have this tank connected to the home's gutters and downspouts. It can then collect more water during a rainstorm and also collect water from the morning dew that may gather on the roof and then run into the gutters. Have a roof plumber connect this tank for you, to ensure you maximize its storage space.

There's mould in the attic or crawlspace

If your home has mould behind the walls, this often means the water pipes are leaking, and you may need a standard plumber. However, those water pipes don't usually go through the attic or crawlspace, so if mould is developing in this area of the home, this typically means your roof is leaking. Cleaning the mould isn't enough to stop it from reappearing; you need a roof plumber to make repairs and fix any leaks in the roof itself.

Your lawn around the home is mushy

If the middle of your home's lawn is mushy, meaning overly moist and muddy, this may mean the property has a drainage issue and needs to be graded or sloped, to allow that water to run into the street. However, when soil gets mushy and muddy near the home itself, this is often caused by rainwater spilling off the home's roof, instead of being caught by the home's gutters and then directed to the downspouts. In many cases, the gutters are undersized and will overflow, or they may have cracks and leaks.

Don't ignore this problem, as that moisture can collect around the home's foundation and cause weakening and cracking. A roofing plumbing technician can determine the cause of this excess moisture and then replace or repair the gutters as needed.

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