What a Camera Inspection of a Septic Tank Can Reveal for Homeowners

Being a homeowner means having all aspects of the home maintained and inspected on a routine basis. One area that requires ongoing maintenance and routine inspections is the septic tank. If you own a home with a septic tank, you know how important this routine maintenance is, but you also know how important it is to know of issues that may be a problem before they become detrimental to your septic tank and surrounding land. One way to avoid these issues and get a glimpse into underlying problems with your septic tank is through a camera inspection. Here are a few revelations that a septic tank camera inspection can bring.

Identify Blockages

When you hear that a camera inspection can identify blockages, this doesn't mean it simply tells you there is one. It also tells you what you really need to know: what kind of blockage it actually is. You see, different blockages are handled with different methods of extraction. For example, if the clog is hair and other materials and located in the pipe leading to the septic tank, then you may be able to use a septic friendly drain clog remover to free the blockage. However, if the blockage is a tree root, piece of fallen pipe, or something similar, then that is a major repair and could take a day or more to complete.

Reduce Costly Fees

One of the reasons that many septic tank owners use camera inspections as a go-to method is due to the reduction of costly fees. For example, if you have an issue with continuous blockages in your septic tank, an odor coming from the tank, or overflow problems, then you may end up needing to call a professional. That professional will come out and will start digging to get to the septic tank. This may end up costing you an hourly rate that will go up significantly when they find something. There are some cases where they may need to look into several areas before finding the problem, which racks up labour costs, and costs money for you before the issue has even been resolved. By having a camera inspection done, you can locate the issue without destroying your landscape and without having to play a lengthy hit or miss game to find out what is going on. Instead, you get right to the issue and pay for that issue and the time related to fix it.

Use for Inspections

If you have a mortgage that requires you to have certain home and pest inspections every year, then you know the value of being able to reduce the costs and time of those inspections. One of the more costly is the septic tank inspection. This is usually due to the inspection requiring the inspector to locate the tank and remove the earth around the tank in order to perform the inspection. This can take time, which means you may have to be home for the inspection instead of at work, and can disturb your lifestyle for the time of the inspection. You can avoid all of this by requesting a camera inspection. It will meet the requirements of most mortgage inspection clauses and will leave your lifestyle and home undisturbed.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider a camera inspection for your septic tank issues. For pricing and scheduling, contact your local septic tank contractor for a consultation.

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